Schnepf Farms

I have been quiet for a couple of weeks as I’ve been working on the Oaxaca Series posts. Also, I have been preparing some things for my new adventure to some wonderful places I will write about. While I keep working on that, I want to share with you something very cool we did a few weeks ago. When I visited my friend who lives in Santa Maria, California, in March, I found out that there are some places where you can go and pick up strawberries. We didn’t get to go that time but I really wanted to do something similar so I looked for a place here in Phoenix and I found Schnepf Farms.

The farm is located in the town of Queen Creek, just a few miles away from Phoenix. If you live around that area, it is a good idea to stop regularly to buy really good quality organic veggies at an incredible price. If you don’t live around, it is fun to visit at least once. They are open Thursday to Sunday from 8:30 am to 4 pm.

They have a small store at the entrance where they sell already picked up vegetables and fruits. They also have jams and all sorts of conserves that are made over there and a little restaurant to have breakfast or lunch. I wanted to experience picking up my own veggies so we grabbed a basket  from the country store and walked around the crops picking up what was available.

2014-05-25 12.45.40 - CopyEach set of crops has a sign indicating whether they are ready to be picked or when are they going to be ready. They also tell you the technique you need to use in order to grab them, pull them or cut them without ending up with just a bunch of leaves and half the veggie still inside the dirt. We had so much fun picking up kale, collard greens, artichokes, green onions, radishes and brussel sprouts. We also saw a couple melons that were on their growing process and will be ready in a few months. Veggies from the u-pick garden are $1.50 a pound. It is getting so hot outside that I would recommend wearing a hat and sunscreen. Also go early in the morning, especially if you want to find more stuff.

2014-05-25 13.07.12When we were done with the veggie gardens we walked to the peach orchards. The farm hosts a Peach Festival during the month of May and although we didn’t get to go, it sounds to be a huge success and a lot of fun. We were still able to find some peaches and I have to say they were delicioooous! I believe peach season is over but there are apples available and there will be some plums soon. They constantly update their website and Facebook page to keep people informed on the U-Pick availability, it can change very fast due to weather conditions. Peaches, strawberries and apples are $2.00 a pound. You can also go where they have the chickens and pick up your own organic eggs. We were there too late that day and we didn’t have any luck but we heard that a family left with a basket full of eggs.

For the little ones, they also have a petting farm with cows and goats and some playground games. There is a train, too, that goes around the farm and for $5 dollars they offer historic farm tours 3 times a day, so there’s fun for everyone.

I plan to visit it again during the fall to grab some more vegetables and to check out the pumpkin patch. I can’t wait to pick up my own pumpkin to carve!

2014-05-25 13.07.37

2014-05-25 12.36.46 - Copy









All photos are owned by Sandra unless otherwise noted.

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